Resources & Collaborators

The ADDA facilitates interaction between the various disciplines involved in drug discovery and available resources on UAB and SRI's campuses as well as elsewhere. Several links to these resources are provided below.

There was an educational lecture series ongoing from October 17 until December 19, 2013, sponsored by the UAB CCTS. Click here for the flyer to see which topics were covered. 

If you missed any of the lectures, slides are posted below:

Maaike Everts - October 17 - Intro to Drug Discovery and Its Funding
Mark Suto - October 31 - What Makes a Target Druggable and Validated?
Indira Padmalayam - November 7 - Assay Development
Bob Bostwick - November 14 - HTS
Penny Jester and Maaike Everts - November 21 - How to Apply for an IND
Charles Hebert - December 5 - Non-clinical Tox and Animal Models
Mark Suto - December 12 - PK/ADME in Drug Discovery


- Intellectual Property

- Three-dimensional Structure

- Assay Development and HTS

- Pharmacology, Toxicology, Pharmacokinetics, ADME

- Medicinal Chemistry


- Translational Research, Clinical Trials

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