Vaccines and vaccination have become a hot topic in mainstream media today. While there is plenty of valid educational information regarding vaccines available, there is also a myriad of misinformation and myths available for consumption. Researchers and staff at the Alabama Vaccine Research Clinic at UAB aim to educate our community and tackle the myths surrounding vaccines and clinical research. While we provide the tools and information to help facilitate your learing, we will always value and respect the perspectives and opinions of all; therefore, we also encourage everyone to conduct their own research before joining a clinical trial. To help you get started, we've included some of the most common questions regarding vaccines and our clinical trials below. 

Vaccines are  among the most effective inventions in medical history. The twentieth century saw the successful introduction of vaccines against diphtheria, measles, mumps, and rubella--diseases that were once major killers in developed countries. Through the use of vaccines, smallpox was eradicated and new cases of polio and measles are close to being eliminated.

Vaccines are also among the most cost-effective tools in public health. Many infectious diseases can be prevented by vaccines that cost just a few dollars per person. The immune protection conferred by vaccines can last for a lifetime.

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