Study participants have the option of enrolling in one or more prevention studies over time. Compensation is provided for participants’ time and effort in each study. By enrolling in a clinical trial a participant has:

  • The chance to receive an experimental drug or treatment before it is widely available
  • The opportunity to receive regular medical attention at little or no cost
  • The satisfaction of contributing to scientific knowledge about the disease and improving existing treatments  



“For Short”

Types of Research Studies

Eligible population

HIV Vaccine Trials Network


HIV Prevention

HIV prevention vaccines

In good general health, HIV negative

Microbicide Trials Network


HIV Prevention

Products applied inside the vagina or rectum to prevent HIV transmisson. 

In good general health, HIV negative

HIV Prevention Trials Network


HIV Prevention

Various strategies aimed at reducing HIV transmission & acquisition such as ART adherence, engagement in care, and PrEP (pre-exposure prophylaxis)

In good general health, HIV negative