Hemorrhage is defined as bleeding that is inappropriately severe, occurs from two or more sites, or cannot be stopped without a specific intervention.

Hemorrhage is often associated with a coagulopathy, which may be detected through the following primary assays:

Refer to Management of Bleeding for detailed information.

In the event of a prolonged PT or PTT, the following mixing studies may be ordered to distinguish between a coagulation factor deficiency and an acquired inhibitor:

Individual coagulation factor assays may be ordered when a coagulation factor deficiency is indicated by the results of the above studies. Contact the UAB Coagulation Service for consultation and assistance in selecting factor assays. The following are available:

The name of the "factor V assay" is regrettably similar to the "factor V Leiden mutation assay." Please select "confusing test names" for more information.

Von Willebrand disease (vWD) profile:
Follow-up vWD profile when profile results indicate a possible type 2 von Willebrand disease:
The following specialized procedures are available from the UAB Coagulation Service. Contact us for consultation: