Primary Name Anticardiolipin IgG Antibody
Synonym Anticardiolipin antibody
Synonym Antiphospholipid antibody
Contraction ACA
Contraction ACL
Contraction --
UAB Procedure Number  
CPT Code 86147
Specimen Collect one serum separator tube (Vacutainer SST with tiger top) with a gel barrier. Minimum volume 2 mL.

Specimen Management Centrifuge tube within one (1) hour of collection, separate serum and test or freeze at -70°C.
Specimen Accepted Daily including weekends
Test Performed Twice a week
Available Stat? No
Description ACAs are acquired non-specific inhibitors that are detected in 1-2% of individuals. Chronic ACA is associated with a 30% risk of venous thromboembolic disease or arterial thrombosis, including stroke and myocardial infarction. Chronic ACA is also associated with chronic spontaneous abortion.
Reference Interval Negative: 14 GPL units/mL or less
Low positive or indeterminate : 15-20 GPL units/mL
Moderate positive: 21-80 GPL units/mL
High positive: More than 80 GPL units/mL

Follow-up Test *The ACA is recommended as part of a complete workup for possible antiphospholipid syndrome. It should be accompanied by the lupus anticoagulant profile.
*The lupus anticoagulant profile is a series of assays based on the PTT-LA and the DRVVT with follow-up mixing studies and neutralization stages.
*A positive lupus anticoagulant profile or ACA should be repeated on a new specimen after 12 weeks to determine if the inhibitor is transient or chronic.
* Other assays associated with ACA and lupus anticoagulant testing are the beta-2 glycoprotein 1 antibody and the anti-prothrombin antibody test.

Associated With Venous thrombosis
Associated With Arterial thrombosis
Associated With Lupus anticoagulant
Associated With Spontaneous abortions
Associated With Coagulation factor inhibitors

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