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Primary Name Protein C Functional
Synonym Protein C Activity
Synonym Occasionally confused with C-reactive protein
Contraction PC
UAB Procedure Number 2500375
CPT Code 85303
Specimen Collect one (1) blue-stopper tube (3.2% sodium citrate), filled to specified volume. Do not underfill or overfill.
Specimen Management Centrifuge blue-stopper tube within one (1) hour of collection, separate plasma and test or quick-freeze at -70°C.
Specimen Accepted Daily including weekends
Test Performed Two days a week
Available Stat? No
Description When the functional PC level is consistently decreased, the patient may have a congenital deficiency. Chronic PC deficiency confers a 6-fold risk of venous thrombosis. Acquired PC deficiency occurs in disseminated intravascular coagulation, surgery, preeclampsia, liver dysfunction, renal disease, malignancies, and following any thrombotic episode. Protein C production is decreased during Coumadin (warfarin) therapy. The protein C assay should be ordered at least 10 days after a thrombotic event or after termination of Coumadin therapy. When the INR is >1.7 the protein C order is canceled.
Reference Interval 70%-140%
Follow-up Test If the functional PC assay indicates a deficiency, the protein C antigen assay may be used to distinguish qualitative from quantitative disorders.
Associated With Venous thrombosis

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