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Primary Name Prothrombin Mutation 20210
Synonym Prothrombin Mutation G20210A
Synonym Factor II Mutation
Contraction PT 20210
Contraction FII Mutation
Contraction --
UAB Procedure Number 2500715
CPT Code 83891, 83892, 83896´2, 83903´2, 83912
Specimen Collect one (1) lavender-stopper (EDTA) whole blood.

Specimen Management The lavender-stopper tube may be refrigerated up to 72 hours before shipping. Ship overnight at ambient temperature or refrigerated.
Specimen Accepted Monday-Thursday. Specimens from outside UAB Hospital will not be sent out to reference laboratories.
Test Performed Prothrombin 20210 assay performed by reference laboratory.
Available Stat? N0.
Description The prothrombin 20210A mutation causes a slight elevation in the prothrombin level. The mutation is present in 2-3% of Caucasians and confers a 2 to 6-fold increased risk of venous thrombosis.
Reference Interval Negative
Associated With Venous thrombosis

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