The Common Thread

You're invited to explore the concept of inclusivity within the UAB family and the part you play in its advancement. Together, we examine the ways in which both our similarities and differences make us stronger. All of our materials are becoming available as they're developed on an independent website. To access the website, click here.

Screen Shot 2018 03 05 at 8.08.47 AMModule A: Building Belonging. This module will deal with intentionally fostering inclusivity. Simply encouraging diversity isn't sufficient - in fact, diversity efforts in the absence of inclusion can backfire. Intentional, active efforts to create an inclusive environment for our fellow students, colleagues, and co-workers must be a meaningful component of our everyday UAB experience.
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Module B: Recognizing Bias. This module will engage with the implicit, unconscious biases that all-too-often impact our decision-making. Although we're largely unaware of our biases, they impact our actions and behaviors in myraid ways. This module will discuss what implicit bias is, how it influences each of us, and how to identify and combat it.
Screen Shot 2018 03 05 at 8.16.11 AMModule C: Cultivating Self-Awareness. This module involves understanding and embracing cultural differences. Unspoken and nonverbal expectations and cues often differ across cultures, and can lead to significant misunderstandings. Realizing that none of us is free from cultural assumptions, and the ways in which to employ cultural awareness and sensitivity, can head off potential conflicts before they begin. 

Module D: Resolving Conflict.
 If and when conflict does arise, there are effective Screen Shot 2018 03 05 at 8.24.38 AMways to deal with it. One of the many tools at our disposal is understanding that conflict often comes out of uncommunicated assumptions or misunderstandings. Coming from a framework of respect, it's possible to resolve conflicts between widely disparate personality types and people from substantially different backgrounds.