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The LGBTQ+ Faculty Association marks the Heersink School of Medicine's Office for Diversity and Inclusion's fourth faculty association. Each group is encouraged to create a mission and vision specific to the needs of its members.

The LGBTQ+ association is led by Rodney Tucker, M.D., MMM, and facilitated by a core group of approximately 20 faculty members from various departments. To create a safe and protected environment for its members, the group is open to faculty at the school of medicine, including the LGBTQ+ community and its allies.

"Launching the faculty association is like unveiling the curtain—it's gradual. Hopefully, as we begin, people will feel safe to join and see the value and impact the group can have. The establishment of this faculty association represents the next step in the growth and evolution of our diversity, equity, and inclusion efforts here at UAB,” said Tucker.


The LGBTQ+ Faculty Association will connect, collaborate, and contribute to a greater understanding, support, and advocacy for members of the LGBTQ+ faculty and allies. To do this, the faculty association will adopt principles of holistic diversity, equity, and inclusion within the school and healthcare community. This will be evident by ways of:

  • Encouraging communication, networking, and professional development opportunities for faculty in the Heersink School of Medicine identifying as part of the LGBTQ+ community.
  • Promoting interdisciplinary research and advancing the knowledge based in LGBTQ+ issues and disparities.
  • Serving as mentors and advocates for other faculty in various stages of their careers and learners at all levels who are engaged in the community.