Diversity and Inclusion—a core comockupermponent of UAB’s mission—takes form in the Office of Graduate Medical Education (GME) and the Office for Diversity and Inclusion's (ODI) Mentorship Program, UAB Connect.

UAB Connect offers mentorship matching for students and house staff who come from racial and ethnic minorities that are traditionally underrepresented in medicine (URiM). Through this portal, students can find meaningful mentorships by simply entering in their information and having faculty members who fit that criteria instantly displayed on the screen. From there, students can read more about each mentor or contact them directly.

Mentorships are a critical component for academic success and ensuring you have the right one can be equally as important. Justin Bailey, a third-year medical student, found his mentor Samantha Hill, M.D. MPH, instructor in the Department of Pediatrics, using the UAB Connect portal.

“I really like that the portal has mentors available in a vast number of specialties and includes their specific career interests as well,” Bailey said. “It made it very easy to tailor things to my path and choose appropriately."

UAB Connect is currently in phase one of the program—which targets racial and ethnic groups who are underrepresented in medicine. As participation grows, the Graduate Medical Education Office and the Office for Diversity and Inclusion will expand the portal to students from rural areas, economically disadvantaged, first-generation medical students, LGBTQ, and religious minorities.

For students or faculty wishing to participate in phase one, follow the instructions listed online.

Or, for any questions or comments regarding UAB Connect, please contact Tera Howard (tfhoward@uabmc.edu) using the subject line UAB Connect.