The UAB Hepatorenal Fibrocystic Disease Core Center (HRFDCC) summer intern program recruits undergraduate biomedical students to conduct research in topics related that are in line with the research themes of the Center. The students will conduct mentored research projects such as generating and analyzing novel mouse, C. elegans, and Zebrafish models with mutations in cystic kidney disease genes, testing therapeutic strategies to reduce cyst load, production and characterization of antigens and antibodies related to ciliopathy proteins, and the generation and analyses of renal and biliary cell based models for ciliopathy disorders. The students selected for the intern program can be recommended by the Directors’ of Undergraduate Research Programs or interested students can apply directly to the Center Director (Dr. Yoder). The students are normally selected in their freshman to sophomore years and frequently return to the lab in subsequent summers until they graduate. The program recruits 5-7 seven interns depending on the number of projects and resources available in the Centers Cores.

Contact the Center Director ( for additional information on this program and the application procedure