UAB Hepatorenal Fibrocystic Disease Core Center LogoThe UAB Hepatorenal Fibrocystic Disease Core Center Pilot & Feasibility Voucher Program Request for Applications (RFA)

The Hepatorenal Fibrocystic Disease Core Center (HRFDCC) is now accepting applications to our Voucher Program. The vouchers will support the development of new projects that explore innovative concepts of relevance to hepatorenal fibrocystic disease research, and will cover the costs associated with developing new resources/reagents (animal models, CRISPR mutant cell lines, biological materials from models, etc.) or using services (e.g., metabolic analysis, imaging and cystic index analysis, flow mechanosensation, pilot preclinical testing, etc.) available through the Core facilities in the HRFDCC. Please visit the UAB HRFDCC website for additional details and services ( available or directly contact the center/core directors to discuss your project.

The goal of the voucher program is to develop resources and preliminary data to strengthen and facilitate grant submissions to investigate pathogenic mechanisms of HRFDs. The program will support junior investigators who have not had significant extramural research (e.g., R01, R21) support, as well as established investigators who wish to apply their expertise to a new area in the HRFD field. The program is open to all US investigators (rank of Instructor or higher with an independent position) regardless of the investigator’s institutional affiliation. The amount of each voucher varies depending on the project, but typically ranges from $5,000-$10,000. The amount of the voucher will be determined by the Core Directors in the HRFDCC. Voucher funds will be encumbered at UAB to cover costs associated with core service and must be used within 6 months of the award unless otherwise approved by the HRFDCC. Vouchers can be submitted throughout the year, and will be reviewed on a quarterly basis— approximately in the middle of February, May, August, and November. Successful applications will be announced shortly thereafter. Please email completed applications to Rene Eubank (

The short application consists of:

  • A summary of the resource, reagent or service requested (1/2 page).
  • A description of how the requested service or resource will move your project forward, and how availability of the data or resource will potentially impact grant submission (1/2 page).

Please contact the Center Director (Dr. Brad Yoder, if you have questions regarding eligibility requirements. Applicants are encouraged to discuss projects with the Core directors most relevant to the proposed project.

Core A: The Hepato-Renal Fibrocystic Diseases Translational Resource
Dr. Lisa Guay-Woodford (

Core B: The Engineered Models Resource
Dr. Bradley Yoder (

Core C: The Cellular Physiology Resource
Dr. Darwin Bell (

Core D: Therapeutic Screening and Drug Development Resource
Dr. Michal Mrug (

Please acknowledge the NIH P30 DK074038 supported UAB HRFDCC for services or resources provided.