HRIF Director

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Alexa Mattheyses, Ph.D.
Assistant Professsor, Department of Cell, Developmental, and Integrative Biology
Director, HRIF 

Fluorescence and Light Microscopy

Robert 3

Robert Grabski, Ph.D.
Super-resolution, Confocal Microscopy, Live Cell Imaging (205)-934-7039


Shawn Williams
Imaging/Confocal Microscopy, Light Microscopy, Nanosight
1825 University Blvd, Shelby 135C (205)-934-7403

Transmission Electron Microscopy (TEM)


Melissa Chimento
Transmission Electron Microscopist, Sample Preparation, Sectioning (205)-934-1926


Ed Phillips
Transmission Electron Microscopist, Sample Preparation, Sectioning (205)-934-1926

Scanning Electron Microscopy (SEM)


Confocal/Light Microscopy Lab Directions:

The core is located on the first floor of Shelby Building on the corner of 19th street and University (8th avenue) right across from the Veteran’s Administrative Hospital. If you do not have card access to the building please contact Shawn Williams at (205-447-0451) or Robert Grabski at (205-218-4216). The HRIF core labs are down the left corridor, offices are in 135 and labs are in 130 and 136 on the first floor.

TEM Lab Directions:

You will need key card access to gain entry to the SHELBY BUILDING. If you have that, great***! If not, please call (934-1926) when you arrive and we will meet you at the front door of the building.     ***Enter through the front door of the SHELBY BUILDING using your OneCard. Walk past the elevators and take the hall to your left. Go to the end of the hall and take the service elevator on the right. Press "B" for the basement. Pull the grey double doors if they are closed, and the EM facility is to your left in Room B40. The doors will not lock behind you. If the elevator is out of service, call (934-1926) and we will meet you on the first floor.  

SEM Lab Directions:

After entering the lobby of the Business Engineering Complex (BEC), take the hallway closest to the drink machines. The SEM lab is in Room BEC 156, which is the second door on your left when entering the hallway from the lobby.