Who has access to the HRIF shared core?

The HRIF (all sites) is available to: 1. Researchers from all departments and units internal to the University of Alabama at Birmingham including faculty, staff and students upon completing HRIF registration and submitting a valid Oracle account number for billing. 2. External Investigators - whether from industry or from other academic institutions, or internal faculty and staff acting as independent consultants – an invoice will be sent and payment is accepted in the form of a check or electronic transfer. 

How and with whom do I schedule a TEM experiment?

Contact Melissa Chimento about beginning an experiment or scheduling time on the TEM at, 934-1926 or mchimento@uab.edu.

How long does EM take, i.e., when do I get my pictures?

EM is a time-consuming process. Generally, plan for 14-21 business days from dropping off samples to your imaging session. Depending on the queue and the size of your project, it may take longer. If you have a reasonable deadline, we will work with you to meet it. Negative staining is a quick technique and can be accomplished at the first opening on the microscope.

How much does it cost to do an EM experiment?

For budgeting purposes, internal UAB Investigators may count on about $225 per standard sample, including scope time. Serial sectioning, special processing, and extended imaging at the TEM will cost extra.

Can I save money by processing my own samples for EM?

Yes, it can if you have a large on-going project(s) it will save you money to get set up to process in your lab. If you have less than ~20 samples per year, it’s probably not worth investing in the chemicals, kits and materials needed.

Can I be trained to operate the EM scope independently?

We are a teaching facility, so we encourage users to learn to use the microscope independently, but we are happy to do the imaging with you.

Is immuno-electron microscopy available and do I need it?

We are happy to advise you about immuno-electron microscopy. Generally, if you have good immuno-fluorescence, immuno-EM is likely to work. You would perform the immuno-EM in your lab and we complete the experiment by processing for EM or we provide sections for you to label and bring back into the core.

How do I find the transmission electron microscopy facility?

Directions to TEM LAB: Enter through front door of the Shelby Biomedical Building, walk past elevators and take the hall to your left. Go to the end of the hall and take the service elevator on your right. Press "B" for basement, pull gray double doors if closed and the EM facility is to your left in Room B40. The doors will not lock behind you. If the elevator is out of service, call us at 934-1926 and we'll meet you on the first floor.

Can I access the Confocal/Light Microscopy core after hours?

There is card reader on the doors of SHEL-136 and to allow authorized personnel into the HRIF core. After-hours access to the building is permitted after a user has been trained and certified to work independetly. If you would like to request card access, email Shawn Williams at tzaron@uab.edu  or Robert Grabski at rgrabski@uab.edu. If you need immediate access call Shawn at 205-447-0451.

How and with whom do I schedule Confocal imaging?

Contact Shawn Williams about beginning an experiment or scheduling time on the Nikon A1 at, 934-7403 or tzaron@uab.edu.

How and with whom do I schedule time on the STORM, SIM or confocals?

Contact Robert Grabski about beginning an experiment or scheduling time on the STORM or SIM at rgrabski@uab.edu.