November 15, 2017

Continuing integration under Organizing for Success

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The Organizing for Success initiative is making progress toward UAB Medicine’s strategic goal for alignment— change that will position the organization for the future in becoming the Preferred Academic Medical Center.  

OFS allows for better integration of the School of Medicine, UAB Health System and UA Health Services Foundation as one UAB Medicine and for increased physician leadership. Practically, this is being accomplished in a few ways: the position of the Dean of the School of Medicine is more actively involved in the clinical enterprise and the HSF, chairing the board; the HSF president became an appointed position; and the establishment of the Joint Operating Leadership Committee.

Earlier this year, we announced Dr. Keith A. (Tony) Jones would be UAB Medicine’s first Chief Physician Executive. Dr. Jones will also serve as a part of the Joint Operating Leadership Council and Executive Cabinet of the University Health System, as well as Senior Associate Dean for Clinical Affairs in the School of Medicine—leadership positions that will better align UAB Medicine across its missions in clinical care, research and medical education.

Leaders have also established the Joint Operating Leadership Committee (JOLC), which includes me, Dr. Will Ferniany, CEO of UAB Medicine; Dr. Tony Jones, CPE/HSF President; Dr. Ray Watts, UAB President; Dr. Cheri Canon, Chair of the Department of Radiology; Dr. Herb Chen, Chair of the Department of Surgery; and Dr. Seth Landefeld, Chair of the Department of Medicine. The purpose of this group is actively addressing issues with HS and its financial and operational success and academic enterprise through new organization structure.

Drs. Canon, Chen and Landefeld were selected after polling current department chairs for their input on which departmental leaders should be involved. Because the positions are renewable and overlap, the participating chairs are serving staggered terms, with Dr. Landefeld serving one year, Dr. Chen serving two, and Dr. Canon serving three.

Leadership will also be establishing other committees—including space, human resources, marketing and operations— in the upcoming months to allow for increased physician input into the strategic and tactical decisions within UAB Medicine. We will be soliciting nominations from all clinical faculty, and the JOLC will select 2-3 individuals to serve on each committee.

Moving forward, other OFS initiatives to be accomplished during the next few months include finalizing service line structure, formalizing a post-acute care division and establishing a more formal relationship for pediatric care with relationship with Children’s of Alabama.