June 27, 2014

UAB's unique position to solve minority health problems

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I had the opportunity this morning to sit down with Evan Belanger, the education reporter for al.com, and discuss many wonderful initiatives we're working on in the School of Medicine. Here is a very short video outtake of one topic we covered, minority health and health disparities and UAB's unique position that affords us the opportunity to really make a lot of progress in these areas. You can read more about this at the UAB Minority Health & Health Disparities Research Center website

We also talked about some of our new programs, the UAB-Hudson Alpha Center for Genomic Medicine, the UAB Institute for Personalized Medicine and the Informatics Institute, as well as our efforts to recruit the very best scientists and clinicians to Birmingham. 

As I told Evan, the School of Medicine's success really comes down to people -- the leadership, faculty, students and staff, and the people across the Birmingham Region and beyond who support our work. UAB is poised to lead the country in many areas of medical research and patient care because we have wonderful people working with us.

Thank you, Evan, and al.com, for the opportunity to discuss what I'm passionate about -- medical research and education and patient care -- and what is undoubtedly very important for the people of Alabama and the region.