March 26, 2021

Faculty asked to update journal publication in Profiles

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As a part of our LCME accreditation review, the UAB School of Medicine is required to demonstrate our faculty scholarly activity. An essential piece of documentation is a table that reports a total number of journal publications and book chapters for the calendar year 2021.

In order to report this information, we will use information generated by the UAB Faculty Profiles System. This approach allows each person to contribute their work without the need for a manual survey to collect information and builds a foundation for ongoing reporting of scholarly output in the future.

The School of Medicine asks every faculty member to review their journal publications in Profiles to make sure they are fully up to date.

Each faculty member’s profile exists in one of three states, depending on the level of interaction that you—or your delegate—have had in the Profiles system. 



Up To Date

A profile has been generated by the system, but the faculty member has not claimed any publications

Publications have been claimed, but there are publications awaiting review in the pending queue

All publications have been claimed and information is current 

The information below will help every faculty member develop an up-to-date list of publications in the Profiles system.

What is Profiles?

Each faculty member who is active in UAB’s Oracle Human Resources system has an individual profile in the Profiles database system. The record contains information about the faculty member such as academic rank, department/division, and education. It also includes fields for scholarly activity such as publications, classes taught, grants, and education. 

The School of Medicine adopted Faculty Profiles in 2017 in a product rollout that was led by Dr. David Chaplin. You may recall submitting your CV through your department or division at this time. In 2018, the Profiles system began feeding a public-facing, searchable faculty directory called Scholars@UAB.

How do I access Profiles?

The login for the Profiles data system is located on the UAB Faculty web site. Use your Blazer ID and password to access your Profiles account. 

Once signed in, you’ll be taken to the Home Tab, which displays a dashboard of the information that’s currently housed in the system. It also shows a Menu Tab that gives you access to edit the information in your Profile.

Note: You may request that your administrative assistant be allowed to update your information on your behalf as a “delegate” on your account. From the Menu Tab, choose My Account > Account Settings > Manage Delegates to search for their name and add them as an authorized user to your Profile.

How does Profiles curate my journal publications?

One of the most powerful functions of the Profiles system is the publications feature. Profiles are linked to several scholarly data sources, and it searches them once a month to identify new publications that may be yours. This eliminates the need for a faculty member to manually enter a journal reference or format it in a particular style. Plus, the search process is ongoing. The list needs only to be revisited periodically to keep it up to date.

After the monthly search, publications that are identified as possibly belonging to you are then listed in a queue of “Pending Publications” for you to review. You can easily claim or reject each recommendation to create a full and accurate bibliography. 

Name-Based Search Settings

The system search of the data sources can be refined to generate more likely matches for your work. Enter criteria in the Name-Based Search section of the My Account menu, and Profiles will execute a more advanced search to filter results. 

Automatic Claiming for Publications

You may also provide unique identifiers that will enable Profiles to automatically claim a publication as yours if the search returns an exact match. These identifiers, such as an ORCiD or Scopus Author Identifier, can be entered using the My Account > Automatic Claiming option on the Menu Tab.

How do I add a book chapter?

In addition to journal publications, we need to be able to report published book chapters. To manually add book chapters that are published in 2021, display the Menu Tab, then select Manage > Publications. The screen will display My Publications (as lists of Mine, Pending, and Not Mine). In the upper right corner, click the [+Add a New Publication] button to enter the book chapter information.


Every effort has been made to make this data collection process as simple as possible for our faculty. We anticipate demonstrating an incredible body of scholarly work to the LCME.

Technical support is available from the Profiles Team.