September 07, 2016

SPARC: UAB Medicine investing in your quality improvement ideas

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UAB Medicine, in partnership with Medscape, is launching its SPARC challenge next week to hear ideas on quality improvement initiatives, leading to a live competition in October where the top ideas will win a portion of $45,000 in pilot funds to see the plans forward.

UAB Medicine will begin SPARC (Sourcing Progress & Advancing Research Collaboration) on Monday, Sept. 12. Via an online platform, users can submit ideas for quality improvement initiatives that aim to close gaps between desired knowledge and performance in your environment (UAB, UAB Referral networks, the state of Alabama) and to develop improvements that are locally transformational and nationally transferable.

Any UAB faculty or staff member can submit their ideas, and will also be able to discuss and support ideas from others inside the web portal through Friday, Sept. 23. Ideas that align well with AMC21 goals, Health System strategic areas of focus and/or are centered on interdisciplinary team performance are encouraged.