April 21, 2017

UAB cardiologists named as elite members of Cardiology Today’s Next Gen Innovators

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arora streamGarima Arora, M.D., and Pankaj Arora, M.D.Pankaj Arora, M.D., and Garima Arora, M.D., have been named two of Cardiology Today’s Next Gen Innovators. These leaders represent the next generation of cardiologists who are working to educate their colleagues, conduct research on new and novel strategies to advance cardiovascular care, and innovate the unique aspects of the cardiology specialty. 

Using epidemiologic, genetic and physiologic studies, Pankaj Arora’s research has been focused on the heart’s endocrine axis, also known as the natriuretic peptide system, in both healthy and diseased individuals. His career goal is to become an independent investigator in clinical and translational research and advance the understanding of how disorders in the NP system contribute to the development of hypertension, heart failure and cardiovascular disease. 

Garima Arora hopes to train young scientists and motivate them to look for solutions where none exist, without restricting their horizons to defined conventions and strict disciplines. Institutionally, she is looking to fulfill the role of a clinician-educator and also to act as a bridge between academic and industrial research in multimodality imaging.

The husband and wife duo serve as faculty in the UAB Division of Cardiovascular Disease.

Members of the Next Gen Innovators will be invited to contribute ideas and guide editorial content for the publication. They are also part of a network of sources contacted for story ideas and interviews for articles. The Next Gen Innovators will be published annually in Cardiology Today, and special events for members will be announced throughout the year.