June 18, 2013

Reorganization Part 2: COO

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UAB Medicine is adding a COO position to its operational structure, which will report to the Chief Executive Officer. The COO will manage Health System Information Services (HSIS), Inpatient, Ambulatory, Support Services and a new Revenue Cycle Component. Click on the following link to see the new structure:UAB Medicine COO Restructure (PDF).

“We are excited to announce that Reid Jones, UAHSF executive vice president and senior vice president of Ambulatory Services, has agreed to accept the role of COO,” says UAB Health System CEO Will Ferniany, Ph.D. “The COO will work closely with Quality, Strategic Planning, Finance, Network Development and Legal to enhance UAB’s operations.”

We talked with Reid about his new role, including the timeline and importance of this aspect of the reorganization.

What will your new role entail?
“I will assume oversight responsibility for the day-to-day inpatient and ambulatory operations of the clinical enterprise, as well as HSIS and revenue cycle activities. We have a great team in place, and I am looking forward to working more closely with HSIS and the hospital as we, together, face the challenges of the current health care environment. I hope to work with the team to find operating efficiencies and opportunities to better align our organizations.”

Why is the COO an important addition to UAB Medicine’s operational structure?
“UAB Health System has always delivered outstanding patient care, but the external pressures, such as public reporting and risk of loss of reimbursement are requiring that we do a better job of documenting the care that we provide and reporting it externally. Working with the new Quality structure, we will ensure that the entire organization is aligned and focused on providing the highest quality patient care in an environment that assures our patients and their families feel that they have made the very best decision regarding where they receive their health care.

“Our Reaching for Excellence initiatives are producing outstanding results as reflected in our patient satisfaction scores. I believe further alignment of the organization will only improve the experience of our patients.”

When will your transition to COO take place?
The reorganization is effective as of June 1, 2013. We are transitioning into the new structure, and I will not officially assume the new responsibilities until my current position is filled. Dr. Jim Bonner, president of UAHSF, and I are working together with the UAHSF Nominating Committee to find someone to fill this role.”