March 14, 2018

Nine from Huntsville campus chosen to participate in Southern Regional Meeting

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Huntsville CampusHuntsville Regional Medical Campus students, family medicine and internal medicine residents, full-time and volunteer faculty, and their dean, Roger Smalligan, M.D., MPH, had three oral presentations and six posters accepted to the Southern Regional Meeting (SRM) that took place Feb. 22-24 in New Orleans.

“Regional and national scientific meetings provide a wonderful opportunity for our students and residents to compete, share their research and writing efforts, and network with people from other universities,” says Smalligan. “We are happy to support them in these efforts, and it improves the visibility and reputation of the Huntsville campus in the academic arena.”

The SRM is a joint achievement sponsored by the Southern Society of Clinical Investigation and its partnering organizations. For the SRM, the Southern Society for Clinical Investigation joins each year with the southern regional chapters of four national organizations: the Southern Section of the American Federation for Medical Research, the Southern Society of General Internal Medicine, the Southern Society of Pediatric Research, the Southern Region of the Academic Pediatric Association, and the American Society for Nutrition.

Below is a list of the projects presented by the Huntsville Regional Medical Campus students, trainees, and faculty.

• Superior Mesenteric Artery Syndrome: A Rare, but Real, Cause of Abdominal Pain. Jeremy Johnson, M.D.; Colin Cantrell, Roger Smalligan, M.D., MPH; and Shivani Malhotra, M.D.

• Double Trouble and a Delay: Necrotizing Fasciitis in a Septic Postpartum Patient. Justin Pruitt, D.O.; Bethany Johnson; Lynda Gilliam, M.D.; and Roger Smalligan, M.D., MPH

• When All Else Fails: A Case for Doxycycline in Pertussis. Mary Smithson; Roger Smalligan, M.D., MPH; David Kimberlin, M.D.; Lea Eiland, Pharm.D.; and Pippa Abston, M.D., Ph.D.

• A Global Health Trip Examined: Rural Peru. Hunter French; Tim Littmann; Caroline Studdard, M.D.; Anne Herren; Jose Cavo Acosta; Samantha Ashley; Delmy Caton, M.D.; and Roger Smalligan, M.D., MPH

• Fever with Monoarticular Arthritis: Autoimmune or Infectious? Bria N. Williams and Scott Field, M.D.

• Triple Threat after Craniopharyngioma Resection Requires Close Attention. Haley Gates; Nisha Arshad, M.D.; Naven Tangutur, M.D.; and Roger Smalligan, M.D., MPH

• Successful Hepatitis C Treatment with DAA’s Improves Hepatic Fibrosis presentation by Vishnu Kommineni, M.D. Co-authors: Yuqi Guo, MSW; Omar Sims, Ph.D., Mohamed Shoreibah, M.D.; John Romano, M.D.; Tasnia Matin, M.D.; Krishna Lakshmi, M.D.; Omar Massoud, M.D., Ph.D.

• A Retrospective Case-Control Study on the Effects of Pharmacist Intervention on A1C in an Ambulatory Setting presentation by Aadil Lodhi, M.D. Co-authors: Zainab Kakakhel, M.D., and Brad Wright, Pharm.D.

• Effects of Physician-Pharmacist Collaboration on Diabetic Patients in an Ambulatory Setting. A Closer Look at Cardiovascular Outcomes in Diabetic Patients presentation by Aadil Lodhi, M.D. Co-authors: Zainab Kakakhel, M.D., and Brad Wright Pharm.D.