June 20, 2018

School of Medicine offers retirement planning resources to faculty

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iStock 625741576Based on previous engagement survey responses and national conversations, the School of Medicine recognized the importance of addressing the topic of retirement planning—an issue that is relevant to all faculty members. After completing a survey of senior faculty members about how they would like to receive the information, it became clear that rather than utilizing a workshop-style format, faculty members were interested in having a place they could go to access these resources at any time.

Faculty members can click here to view those resources.

The resources that have been made available include articles and commentary drawn from the academic medical literature related to faculty retirement and essays written by former UAB faculty members who have already moved into the retirement stage of their lives. Additionally, the resource site highlights a member of the Dean’s office HR team, who can offer retirement planning assistance on a one-on-one basis.

“The approach we’ve taken is another example where mentorship is valuable,” said David Rogers, M.D., senior associate dean for Faculty Affairs and Professional Development and chief wellness officer. “The barrier we’re trying to overcome is the fact that already retired faculty members have knowledge that they want to share with their colleagues, but they no longer are present on campus to do so. This is another example of how we all need mentors at all points in our lives.”