August 21, 2018

Three projects selected for GME Works for Well-Being

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iStock 842852590In February 2018, the GME Office announced GME Works for Well-Being, a call for proposals with the purpose of mirroring the ACGME’s Back to the Bedside Initiative to increase efforts within our institution to support innovative ideas, clinical practices or policies that will improve physician well-being and foster a sense of meaning in work and can be shared as best practices for all training programs within our institution.

The GME Wellness Subcommittee, chaired by Brenessa Lindeman, M.D., Associate DIO for the Clinical Learning Environment, reviewed all submitted applications in May 2018. Based on the selection criteria of project purpose, design, budget, and overall impact, three applications were selected for funding. Award winners were finalized in June 2018. The following programs and their projects were awarded financial support from the GME Office that is matched by their respective department. Please see the UAB GME Department wellness web page for available resources to support resident and fellow well-being.

To see an overview of the projects that were selected, click here.