August 21, 2018

UAB enhances building safety plan

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RS2252 shelby building sky scrUAB is implementing a building safety plan that will allow more controlled access to campus facilities to provide increased security for faculty, staff, and students. Although UAB has a safety record equal to or better than similar institutions, university leadership is committed to consistent review of security systems and subsequent adoption of best practices. The implementation of the newly enhanced plan will be in three phases and should be complete by June 30, 2019.

Across campus, security measures will vary by the primary use for each building, but most will include the following:
• Main entrances will have key card access, and cameras will be installed.
• Exit doors will allow egress but will be suited with alarms and cameras that trigger if propped open.
• Security cameras and a hard-wired lockdown button will be installed in every classroom for new construction and renovations; older classrooms will be phased in over time.

Some buildings will require key card access at all times. Specifically, for the School of Medicine, effective Sept. 1 all access to Shelby Research Building will require the use of a ONE card at all times. Non-building occupants should contact their administrators to obtain access to buildings once lockdowns are implemented in the future. Also, as buildings go online for lock down, building occupants should send a list of all vendors that frequently access the buildings to the SOM Facilities Team. In conjunction, Physical Security will install punch keypads on the buildings, and each vendor will have their own personal pin code to access the buildings. Departments will be responsible for contacting building guests to work with them to institute a process for efficient entry. The School of Medicine Facilities team will communicate the schedule for future SOM building enhancements as they occur and will ensure that signs are posted in each building.

As UAB moves forward with these new procedures, employees should ensure that their building keys and ONE cards are current as carry their ONE card with them at all times. Not only does it permit entrance to secure facilities as needed, it also allows employees to play a role in campus safety by being able to identify others who may not belong in the building.

Please direct any questions to Robert Witherspoon or DeWayne Bailey with the SOM Dean’s Office.