December 19, 2018

Request for proposals to identify essential and enabling technologies and to accelerate research

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The School of Medicine is seeking proposals from faculty to increase the capacity (e.g. integrated programs, databases, repositories, scope and output of existing research cores) and access to emerging technologies to accelerate research innovation and scientific discovery at UAB over the next decade.

SOM research leadership have been discussing the theme of "Optimizing Infrastructure for Research." Specifically, we've pinpointed the need to upgrade access to sophisticated groundbreaking technologies with the appropriate capacity to meet the demands of our faculty for research programs and competitiveness in obtaining funding over the next decade. Potential opportunities to address this challenge could include enhancing existing cores, adding virtual core services, outsourcing certain technologies to other entities with expertise and scale, enhancing high quality instrumentation on campus, and more. As part of accessing these opportunities and developing a strategy over the next year in collaboration with all stakeholders, the SOM desires to engage our faculty in identifying these capacities and emerging technologies. The AMC21 Research Retreat in January 2019 will initiate the review of these recommendations to optimize our research infrastructure.

Proposals are invited from individual faculty or groups. They should:

  • Be limited to one page.
  • Describe enhancing an existing capacity or new technology and indicate the areas to which they apply (e.g. diseases, scientific programs and centers, research priority areas).
  • If new, include an estimate of the number of investigators in the potential user base and estimated cost for the proposed instrumentation and associated personnel.
  • If available to you, include information about the technology/capability you are proposing in institutions within a four-hour driving distance from UAB.
  • If existing, identify how the existing core or technology at UAB could be enhanced or modified.
  • Include the proposer’s name, department, and email address.

One-page proposals should be sent via email to by Jan. 7, 2019. Proposals will be evaluated by the AMC21 Executive Research Steering Committee in the SOM, and those selected for further consideration will be asked to present their proposal at the Research Leadership Retreat on January 25, 2019.