April 17, 2019

Dean's Excellence Award winner profile: Monica Baskin, Ph.D.

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Monica Baskin, Ph.D., professor in the Department of Medicine's Division of Preventive Medicine, is the senior winner of the Dean's Excellence Award in Diversity Enhancement. 

Baskin received her Doctor of Philosophy in Pyschology from Georgia State University. She currently serves as the first vice chair for Culture and Diversity in the Department of Medicine. As Vice Chair, Baskin leads the department's efforts to develop a culture of respect and inclusion. Baskin joined the department in 2009 and leads a nationally recognized NIH-funded research program to reduce or eliminate health disparities through community-engaged research. Her current research focuses on the prevention and control of cancer, obesity, diabetes, and cardiovascular diseases. When receiving this award, she said, “It is amazing to be recognized for something that is a true passion--ensuring everyone feels valued and accepted for who they are.”