January 07, 2020

Meet the library liaison to the School of Medicine

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deaverDid you know that the UAB Lister Hill Library of the Health Sciences has a dedicated librarian to support the School of Medicine? Jill Deaver, M.A., MLIS, serves as the library liaison to School of Medicine faculty, staff, students, residents, and fellows. Most often, Jill helps medical students and medical faculty, but she offers support to residents and fellows as well. Some of Jill’s services include:

  • Developing/authoring search strategies for literature reviews (systematic and otherwise)
  • Teaching search strategy methods for evidence-based medicine
  • Teaching efficient use of reference management software (EndNote, Medeley, Zotero)
  • Collaborating with faculty on assignments where students are called to locate and evaluate evidence-based information
  • School of Medicine library collection development

Jill joined UAB in 2013 and has served as library liaison to the UAB School of Nursing (2013-2016) and the UAB School of Medicine (2016-present).

She says her favorite part of being the School of Medicine’s library liaison is working with students and faculty on their projects. “Since the literature search process typically occurs in the beginning phase of these projects, I love talking with faculty and students about their ideas and the potential impact of their work. I’m continuously curious about and fascinated by the work done at UAB. It’s fun to be a part of it on a daily basis.”

While she keeps regular business hours in Lister Hill Library, office 251E, she says its best to set up an appointment with her through email for library services: jilld@uab.edu. Residents and fellows can also seek support from the Lister Hill Library at University Hospital located in the West Pavilion on the second floor.

Jill holds a Bachelor’s degree and two Master’s degrees (one in English and Writing from the University of Montevallo, and the second in Library and Information Sciences from the University of Alabama). In 2019 she began coursework in UAB's Medical Sociology Ph.D. program. Jill’s library lectures focus on evidence-based practice and research methodology, critical appraisal, citation management, and information dissemination.