February 17, 2021

Medical students to show creative side virtually at The Best Medicine Show on March 5

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BMS 2021COVID-19 is taking The Best Medicine Show back to its roots in Volker Hall.

The Best Medicine Show is back for the 11th year in a virtual format, bringing viewers the live music, digital shorts and dance they’re used to from the show, but now in the comfort of their homes.  Proceeds from the event benefit Equal Access Birmingham, a student-run program that operates a free primary care clinic for underserved people in the Birmingham area.

The Best Medicine Show is an opportunity for students to poke fun at medical student life. Live talent for the show includes dance groups, bands, singers, comedy acts and more.

“This year, the live acts will be live from the Volker Hall Auditorium, where the Best Medicine Show began as Skit Night,” said Gill Garver, fourth-year medical student and producer of this year’s show. “We’re working with a local production company so we could make the show a wonderful production for everyone watching and supporting our event, while making it as safe as possible for our classmates who are performing.”

The show’s organizers say that, in addition to being a creative outlet, the show allows medical students to give back to Birmingham. Through The Best Medicine Show, students have raised almost $60,000 for EAB, an initiative created in 2005 to both improve health care access for underserved populations in Birmingham and provide UAB medical students with service-learning experiences.

The show begins streaming online at 7 p.m. on Friday, March 5. Tickets are $12.

To purchase your tickets, visit the Best Medicine Show 2021 paywall, and click buy; click Sign Up to create an account. Insert in your log-in details, and click Register; and on the payment page, select your preferred payment method: PayPal or Credit Card. To access the live stream on the night of the show, simply return to the paywall, click Buy, and log-in with your credentials. 

You can also purchase Best Medicine Show merchandise online.