August 20, 2021

Multi-disciplinary team publishes holistic review of acute traumatic aortic injury

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AortaOne faculty member and one trainee from the UAB Department of Radiology and three faculty from the UAB Department of Surgery recently published “Acute traumatic injury of the aorta: presentation, diagnosis, and treatment.”

Authors include:

Authors assert that despite advances in detection and treatment, acute traumatic aortic injury (ATAI) is associated with high rates of morbidity and mortality.

In this publication, the group was asked to provide a comprehensive review of the current diagnosis and management of ATAI. The authors also describe the epidemiology and demographics of the disease as well as the mechanism of injury to create a comprehensive guide

This publication provides a comprehensive guide for physicians across radiology, vascular, and cardiothoracic surgery. The authors discuss open and endovascular management of aortic injuries and note that appropriately selected patients with low grade ATAI may be managed non-operatively.  

“For those that survive the initial ATAI, rapid detection of the injury is key and critical for appropriate treatment,” said Beck. “And generally, when treatment is required endovascular approaches are preferred due to their high clinical success and low rates of complications.”

Eudailey is excited that there is now a comprehensive guide for this type of aortic injury.

“We’re always looking for ways to improve the outcomes from any aortic injury,” said Eudailey. “We hope this review can serve as a guide for all providers who face ATIA in their practices.”

"As patient populations grow more complex, the collaborative and multi-disciplinary approach to ATAI described in this article become even more important," added Gunn. "This patient-first approach is emblematic of our practice at UAB."