August 03, 2022

Meet your 2022-23 UAB Staff Council representatives

Written by UAB Heersink School of Medicine

UAB Heersink School of Medicine staff council representatives have officially been named for the 2022-2024 term. The UAB Staff Council was formed in 2015 to give voice to staff employees across UAB and plays an important role in staff representation across campus.

Two main and alternate representatives are elected by their peers from units across UAB, such as the School of Engineering, the School of Nursing, the College of Arts and Sciences, and more. Those named for UAB Heersink School of Medicine include:

Staff Council 2022From left to right: Amanda Sue Bosque, Tammy Edwards, Jaideep Honavar, and Emma Shepard

The representatives come from across diverse units in Heersink School of Medicine.

Amanda Sue Bosque supports Admissions and the Visiting Student Program as the coordinator of students in admissions and records. Tammy Edwards is an administrative associate in the Department of Emergency Medicine. Emma Shepard is a communications manager in the Comprehensive Diabetes Center, and Jaideep Honavar is a researcher V in the Anesthesiology Chair’s Office.

Each of the representatives looks forward to representing the voice of the Heersink School of Medicine but cannot do so without first hearing the voice of their constituency. These representatives are uniquely positioned to affect change on behalf of staff employees in regards to continuing to make UAB comfortable and welcoming place to work.

The representatives will all serve on at least one staff council committee and will be sure to communicate about any upcoming staff council meetings and events to their areas.

If you are a staff employee in the school, please check out and attend their meetings, reach out via email to voice concerns or ideas, sign up for the staff council newsletter, and save the date for the Annual Staff Council Picnic on Friday, October 28.