September 21, 2022

51 medical students named winners of annual Medical Student Research Day competition

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The UAB Heersink School of Medicine hosted its 2022 Dale J. Benos Medical Student Research Day on Tuesday, Sept. 14.

Medical Student Research Day celebrates the research accomplishments of medical students and provides them with the opportunity to present their projects to fellow students and faculty. The day consisted of oral and poster presentations by students enrolled in the M.D., M.D/MPH, M.D./MS, M.D/MBA, and M.D./Ph.D. programs.

Winners of the Research Day competition are listed below. 


First place: Halle Thannickal
Second place: Kaitlyn Estes
Second place: Bryan Mortimer
Third place: Ian Tsekouras


First place: Jared Ridgeway
Second place: Shelby Walcott
Second place: Cody Anger
Third place: Anna Tankersley

Emergency Medicine

First place: Amy Jasani


First place: Sellers Swann
Second place: Mel Ebeling
Third place: Om Patel

Genetics and Bioinformatics

First place: Jacob Greenway

Infectious Diseases

First place: Madyson Taylor
Second place: Landon McNellage
Third place: Margaret Baldwin

Endocrine and Metabolic Diseases

First place: Stefan Kovac
Second place: Adam Hoesley

Neuroscience and the Brain

First place: Kenneth Paik
Second place: Evan Gross
Third place: Jordan Tzabari


First place: Charles Baker
Second place: Venu Reddy
Third place: Salomon Roman Soto


First place: Gracie Trulove
Second place: Altamish Daredia

Public Health

First place: Kimmy Chieh
Second place: Josiah Sowell
Third place: Sarah Fuller


First place: Alexandra Savage

Other Research 

First place: Charlotte McRae (Immunology/Hematology)
First place: Karen Carter (Orthopedics)
First place: Hunter Soleymani (Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation)
First place: Alexander Lee (AI & Radiology)

Second place: Matthew Dean (Immunology/Hematology)
Second place: Matt Young (Orthopedics)
Second place: Shaina Bolden (Ophthalmology)

Third place: Diarra Bender (OB/GYN)
Third place: Anna Jones (Global Health)
Third place: Bradley Thigpen (Dermatology)

Surgery and Anesthesiology

First place: Amber Bell
Second place: Parker Cobbs
Second place: Katie Glasgow
Third place: John North
Third place: Katherine Buchanan

Oral Presentations

First place: Geoffrey Bostany (Cancer, Long-term)
First place: Dakota Williams (Other-Radiology, Short Term)
First place: Abby Zane (Orthopedics, Intermediate Term)

Second place: Meagan Olivet (Education, Long Term)
Second place: Karleigh Maze (Surgery and Anesthesiology,Intermediate)
Second place: Brittany Isaac (Cancer, Short Term)

Third place: Madison Jeziorski (Infectious Diseases, Intermediate
Third place: Luke Anderson (Other-Pediatric Neurosurgery, Short Term)