February 16, 2024

Empowering UAB’s leaders: leadership development opportunities within UAB Medicine

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leadership The Leadership Development Office, a service of UAB Medicine serving both the Heersink School of Medicine and the UAB Health System, offers a range of programs and services that provide tools and training to equip leaders and the teams they direct to be successful. From individuals just starting out in leadership roles to senior leaders, the Leadership Development Office’s programs are tailored to address the needs of leaders at all points in their leadership journeys.

Launched in 2016, the Leadership Development Office emphasizes the latest in leadership development knowledge and practices, adapting its content to help a diverse set of leaders formulate customized leadership strategies.

“The more we can invest in the skills of our current and future leaders at UAB Medicine, the more we can ensure the ongoing and long-term success of the organization,” said Jean Ann Larson, Ed.D., Chief Leadership Development officer for UAB Medicine and Senior Associate Dean for Leadership Development in the Heersink School of Medicine. “Equipping our leaders with the resources, knowledge, and support they need to effectively guide themselves and their teams only serves to bolster their abilities to effectively lead the UAB Medicine organization.”

Here is a brief overview of the Leadership Development Office’s programs.

For rising leaders

The Emerging Leaders Series is a program of the Leadership Development Office that is geared toward leaders at a manager, director, or similar level who currently do not have direct reports but are serving in or poised to serve in leadership capacities.

For women leaders

The Leadership Development Office currently offers two programs aimed specifically toward women leaders: Sharing Authentically to Inspire and Lead (S.A.I.L.) and Momentum Leaders in Medicine at UAB.

Created for junior female faculty, S.A.I.L. offers a leadership development opportunity for women in the role of assistant professor. The goal is to help them navigate the challenges unique to women in medicine.

For women senior leaders, the Momentum Leaders in Medicine at UAB program aims to develop senior women executives through workshops and events that allow them to network with other senior leaders while honing their individual strengths.

For mid-level to senior leaders

For intact leadership teams, there is the High Impact Leadership Series, which allows senior leadership and executive teams to apply customized leadership knowledge and practices to their specific broad challenges while allowing them to learn and develop skills as a leadership team.

The High Performing Care Collaborative engages intact clinical or research leader teams – often with different reporting structures but common goals - with the key management and leadership principles that drive outcomes while forming their own collaborative action plans. The purpose is to promote collaboration across departments and entities, as well as creativity and problem-solving.

For mid-level leaders, specifically associate professors, the Leadership Development Office offers the LEading Advancing Developing (L.E.A.D.) program. Its mission is to build upon existing leadership capabilities while helping to retain key faculty and support their success at UAB.

In addition, encompassing mid-level and senior leadership, the UAB Medicine Institute for Leadership extends a dynamic curriculum curated for seasoned leaders. It includes a focus on personal leadership strategies, leadership trends, management competencies, and more. Guest speakers from executive-level leadership positions at UAB, including Institute for Leadership alumni, are included in the program lineup.

Each Leadership Development program is offered in the fall and spring, with the exception of Momentum Leaders in Medicine at UAB, which is offered annually.

For more information on these programs, including how to nominate a program participant, visit go.uab.edu/lead or email ldo@uabmc.edu.