March 27, 2024

19 graduate from UAB Medicine’s High Performing Care Collaborative Spring 2024 program

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hpcc spring 24 graduatesNineteen individuals comprising five teams recently graduated from UAB Medicine’s High Performing Care Collaborative’s (HPCC’s) Spring 2024 program. The program, presented by UAB Medicine’s Leadership Development Office (LDO), recognized its graduates at a ceremony on March 7, 2024.

The purpose of the HPCC is to submerse clinical leadership teams with key management and leadership principles that drive outcomes while forming their own collaborative action plans.

The HPCC Spring 2024 graduates include:

Kayla Cooney, RN, BSN, EXT-support Services

Ashley Gilchrist-Escott, EXT-support Services

Jerry Muncher, RN, BSN, EXT-support Services

Hassan Alawieh, M.D., Hospital Unit 3 (HSP3)

Laurence Baird, MBA, Hospital Unit 3 (HSP3)

Abigail Freeman, MSN, RN, MEDSURG-BC, Hospital Unit 3 (HSP3)

Audrey Landry, AS-P, RN, BSN, Palliative Care Consult Team Triad

Ashley Nichols, M.D., Palliative Care Consult Team Triad

Eric Walker, PA-C, MHS, MSHA, Palliative Care Consult Team Triad

Brian McNiel, CRNA, MSHQS, RN, Periop

Matt Sherrer, M.D., Periop

Brooke Vining, MNA, CRNA, MSHA, Periop

Monica Cooper, MSN, MSHQS, CNML, LSSGB, Trauma Team

Sabrina Goddard, M.D., Trauma Team

Maria Gonzalez, MHA, Trauma Team

Gerick Marshall, DNP, MSHQS, MSHA, MBA, CCRN, LSSGB, Trauma Team

Amy Roberson, MSM, BSN, RN, Trauma Team

HPCC is offered in the fall and spring and is geared toward a variety of leadership teams within UAB Medicine. The goal is to promote collaboration across departments and entities, as well as creativity and problem-solving.

Learn more about the Leadership Development Office and its programs at Leadership Development Office - Heersink School of Medicine | UAB.