May 22, 2024

How we invest, Part 1: Investing in our people

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Momentum 2024 previewMomentum in Medicine graduation 2024 At Heersink School of Medicine, we believe in investing in the people, technology, and initiatives that make us who we are and help provide the most excellent care to our patients, their families, and our local communities.

In this three-part series, we look into the ways Heersink School of Medicine operations and leadership invests—year after year—in our growth.

Putting people first

Investing in faculty, staff, students, and trainees is critical to our success. Engaged employees are more likely to innovate, foster creativity, and prioritize growth.

“It is a key essential to leadership at Heersink School of Medicine to invest in the skills and professional development of our people,” said Anupam Agarwal, M.D., dean of the Heersink School of Medicine. “We know a well-trained, balanced, and developed workforce will contribute positively to our patient care, education and research discoveries.”

Ensuring the needs of faculty, staff, and trainees are met well, a strong focus on work/life balance and training is imperative.

Early Learning CenterEarly Learning CenterSupporting our people through a modern work culture

Acknowledging the challenges of balancing work and childcare, UAB secured funding for a new childcare center, which celebrated its opening April 30 with a ribbon-cutting ceremony. The center, located at 10th Avenue South and 11th Street, is one that helps solve the unique needs of medical faculty and staff. Heersink School of Medicine leadership was integral in its establishment. This state-of-the-art and modern facility significantly expands childcare capacity (to more than double the previous capacity), providing a solution to the lack of accessible options for our community.

Recognizing the evolving needs of our workforce, we embrace flexible work practices where possible. UAB remains dedicated to offering hybrid or remote schedules for those who are able, with their manager’s support."

Many of our employees have adopted hybrid schedules since the COVID-19 pandemic, demonstrating our commitment to accommodating individual preferences while promoting collective well-being. Our leadership team is steadfast in its efforts to support work-life balance and adapt to changing work patterns.

Furthermore, our investment in technology enables managers to leverage innovative tools for team collaboration and onboarding.

These initiatives emphasize our commitment to fostering a dynamic workplace culture at UAB.

Supporting our people with training and development

When it comes to training, the Heersink School of Medicine Leadership Development Office is equipped to work with varying levels of roles within the administrative, research, educational, and clinical spaces.

Some of their programs are listed below but visit their website for a full comprehensive list.

UAB Medicine Institute for LeadershipUAB Medicine Institute for Leadership graduation 2023UAB Medicine Institute for Leadership (Senior/Mid-Level Leaders)

The goal of the UAB Medicine Institute for Leadership is to enhance existing personal, leadership, and management competencies while leveraging current leadership strategies and trends. Guest speakers from executive-level leadership positions at UAB, including former Institute for Leadership graduates, complete the dynamic curriculum by demonstrating skills-to-practice experiences. This program is offered in the fall and spring.


The Momentum in Medicine at UAB program aims to develop senior women executives through workshops and events that allow them to network with other senior leaders while honing their individual strengths.

Emerging Leaders Series

The Emerging Leaders Series is a program of the Leadership Development Office that is geared toward leaders at a manager, director, or similar level who currently do not have direct reports but are serving in or poised to serve in leadership capacities.

High Impact Leadership Series

High Impact Leadership Series, which allows senior leadership and executive teams to apply customized leadership knowledge and practices to their specific broad challenges while allowing them to learn and develop skills as a leadership team.


LEAD is offered in the fall and spring and is geared toward mid-level faculty within UAB Medicine, including associate professors. The purpose of LEAD is to build ongoing faculty leadership capability, retain key faculty, and ensure sustainable faculty success.


Developing Emerging Administrative Leaders (DEAL) is a program that takes a multidisciplinary approach in exposing promising UAB staff members to the essential components of administrative and management positions across UAB including human resources, finance, research, education, and clinical.

Stay tuned for Parts 2 and 3 that will deep dive into how we invest in equipment, space, and funding.