October 06, 2015

Julie Decker is 2014-15 Employee of the Year

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julie deckerJulie Decker, program manager in the Department of Microbiology, has been named Employee of the Year. Decker was chosen from the Employee of the Month award winners named this past fiscal year. An invitation-only presentation ceremony and reception honoring her with the highest non-academic employee award will be held in November.

A former research assistant who became a program manager in the Department of Microbiology, Decker’s expertise proved essential during renovation of the Bevill Biomedical Research Building.

“In short, having Julie as our point person has made what could have been a very disruptive three-year renovation into a manageable process for everyone,” said Frances E. Lund, Ph.D., professor and chair of the department.

Decker, who spent about 20 years working with former UAB researchers George Shaw and Beatrice Hahn, moved into her current position in 2013. She said her prior experience as a research assistant and lab manager led her to go the extra mile as a program manager.

“My heart goes out to the researchers, graduate students, post-docs and technicians who are still in the research trenches at the bench, adding to our knowledge,” Decker said. “Though it is still quite challenging to secure funding, anything I can do to make it easier for them to do their work, I’m happy to do. I’ve definitely been there and done that and know what it feels like to get good data, get published, and I can’t imagine how hard it is to keep resubmitting grants to keep their labs funded.”

Congratulations to all the winners during the past year:

  • August 2014 – Teri Kennedy, a program coordinator in the Division of Infectious Disease
  • September 2014 – Yolanda Horton, administrative associate in the Department of Medicine
  • October 2014 – Phillip Bivens, financial officer, Office of the Vice Provost for Administration and Quality Improvement
  • November 2014 – Joy Jones, assistant director of the Career Center
  • December 2014 – John Moore, research associate in the Department of Genetics
  • January 2015 – Anitra Baylor, financial officer in the Division of Preventive Medicine
  • March 2015 – Sherri Price, administrative supervisor, Occupational Health and Safety
  • April 2015 – Ryan Outman, program director II in the Division of Clinical Immunology and Rheumatology
  • May 2015 – Susan Banks, director of UAB’s Graduate School operations
  • June 2015 – Megan Yeatts, marketing specialist for the Department of Ophthalmology
  • July 2015 – Cheryl Johnson, director of Student and Academic Services in the School of Public Health
  • August 2015 – Shantay Holmes, office assistant, UAB Heart and Lung Transplant