November 20, 2015

Moody helps ‘redesign the resident experience’

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jamie moodyJamie Moody still counts her time on the job in months: 16 at this writing. But in the General Surgery Residency Program, she’s already a legend in the making.

After eight years in General Medical Education, Moody moved to her current position as program manager for the residency program, which one resident genially describes as “a nationally recognized training program filled with 35-plus highly driven and incredibly needy residents, as well as several demanding faculty with never ending requests and demands that Jamie selflessly provides.”

Both groups say Moody anticipates and meets their needs and offers endless encouragement, and for that reason they nominated her and she was selected UAB’s Employee of the Month for November.

Big shoes filled

Moody was hired following the retirement of a longtime program manager, a vacancy that made the leadership a little anxious about the future, but it turns out their concerns were short-lived.

“Jamie had big shoes to fill but has done a masterful job as she coordinates our residents’ schedules and their rotations as well as getting them to their scheduled meetings,” said professor Kirby Bland, M.D. “She also works well with all the physicians in the department and their assistants. This is a very important position, and we wouldn't be one of the top residency programs without her.”

Her supervisor and program director John Porterfield Jr., M.D., said Moody exceeds expectations, and her work has help elevate some programs to the level of “best practice” by the Dean’s Council for Graduate Medical Education. Subsequently, she has become an elected representative to that governing body.

But, “what really sets her apart is how she relates to all those around her,” Porterfield said. “She has coalesced all of the surgery managers, many of whom are part-time in their role, into a single cohesive and supportive group,” he said.

They also rally around her initiatives to use technology and innovative thinking to improve the resident application process, redesign the materials and make the program more competitive. In addition, Moody has improved the program’s online presence through its website, Facebook and Twitter.

“Jamie entered this role with fresh eyes and has completely redesigned our resident experience,” said Associate Program Director Melanie Morris, M.D. “This use of technology has been a great step forward for our program.”

Moody admits to being a little overwhelmed and humbled by the praise that comes with the nomination. She’s happy with the thank-yous she gets every day that let her know she’s doing a good job.

To her, the best reward has been getting to know the faculty and become friends. “We have a real sense of family here.”

Encouragement all around

Along the same lines, she considers herself a big sister to the residents —whose 12-14 hour days are spent in service to some of the hospital’s sickest patients — and they respond to her care and concern.

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“Jamie has the incredibly difficult task of working as the middle person between the residents and faculty. She is somehow able to do this while keeping everybody’s best interest in mind. With that being said, she is a tremendous resident advocate and a strong voice in support of our needs and concerns,” said Administrative Chief Resident Graeme McFarland, M.D.

“To keep us all on track with the necessary compliance and paperwork issues while we are completely distracted with our day-to-day duties appears an impossible feat, but she somehow nails it every time.”

Not surprisingly, the residents were unified in their appreciation.

“She respects what we put ourselves through and takes to heart the mission to simplify the other responsibilities we have beyond patient care,” said Resident Ashley Davis, M.D.

And still Moody finds time to create opportunities for the groups to socialize and bond.

“She has been proactive about developing new programs to allow residents to connect with each other and with the department,” said Resident Britney Corey, M.D. “She seeks out residents who need encouragement and support and provides this to each one.

Simply put, “she is our biggest supporter and encourager,” said resident Alicia Waters, M.D. “She is easy to work with and we are so lucky to have her as our program manager.”