July 17, 2017

Sign up for your ONECard

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Wondering how you’ll get around Volker Hall and the Hospital? The answer is: A ONECard! We’ve made it easy for you - you can do it all online!

Follow this link to get startedDon’t worry about picking it up! Your card will be given to you at Orientation.

  • Pay attention to the photo criteria, and follow it closely.
  • Wear professional clothes in your photo. It will be visible to patients and other hospital professionals.
  • You can only have a ONECard created if you have already created a BlazerID.
  • Your uab.edu email account will receive updates on the progress of your submission.
Students who have attended UAB already, and have a ONECard need to have a new one created. A new ONECard will reflect your new status as a Medical Student.

If you experience any difficulties, please contact the ONEStop office directly.