June 25, 2015

Office of Diversity & Inclusion launches new website

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UAB School of Medicine Office for Diversity & Inclusion is pleased to announce the launch of its new website. The website can be found at http://www.uab.edu/medicine/diversity/ and was developed as a mechanism to more easily and efficiently communicate with faculty and trainees about issues related to diversity and inclusion within the School of Medicine.

The website is one of many components of a communication strategy for the Office for Diversity & Inclusion. This strategy, which will continue to be enacted over the coming months, is aimed at improving awareness of diversity at the School of Medicine, and in the medical professions as a whole; creating a comprehensively inclusive environment for faculty, trainees and students; and enhancing efforts at information dissemination with regard to these issues.

In addition to providing news, organizational information about the Office for Diversity & Inclusion and dates for important events, the website is also the home of our exciting new Diversity Dashboard. This resource not only displays current diversity information for the whole of the UAB School of Medicine by both race and gender, it allows users to view these statistics on a departmental level.

You are invited to visit the website for the Office for Diversity & Inclusion, and encouraged to utilize its resources as a mechanism for communicating with potential faculty and trainees.