NExTNet Vision

To transform biomedical research, clinical care and, ultimately, global health by providing the evidence base that will optimize exercise prescription and lifestyle intervention strategies in a disease-specific and population-specific manner.

NExTNet Mission Statement

To achieve its vision, NExTNet will lead and facilitate rigorous, multi-institutional, trans-disciplinary research to address key knowledge gaps in:

Exercise Biology

•       Mechanisms driving dose-response relationships. 
•       Genetic and phenotypic variations in responsiveness.
•       Mechanisms by which physical inactivity fosters development and progression of CNCDs.
•       Taking advantage of the potent exercise stimulus to discover new pathways and molecular targets.

Exercise-Drug/Device Interactions

•       Differences in drug/device efficacy between active and inactive individuals. 
•       Synergism, antagonism, drug metabolism. 
•       Drug re-purposing based on exercise responses.

Exercise Psychology/Behavioral Medicine

•       Genetic and non-genetic determinants of exercise adherence and lasting lifestyle modification.

Clinical Application

•       Optimizing disease-specific and population-specific exercise dosing/prescription to streamline clinical care.