WRH Schedule

Description of the Women's Reproductive Health Rotation

The two weeks on the WRH Service include inpatient  and outpatient experience with exposure to  urogynecology, and pelvic organ prolapse.  The student is expected to assume an active role in patient care, including being familiar with the textbook and current literature pertaining to each of his/her patient's problems. Since there is no night call, the students are expected to remain at the hospital until all clinical duties are complete.  Students should also accompany residents to work-up Gyn consults from the Emergency room and inpatient services.

Inpatient Experience:
The inpatient experience is intended to provide students with the opportunity to correlate the patient’s presenting symptoms with their exam under anesthesia (EUA), become comfortable with the bimanual portion of the pelvic exam, review pelvic anatomy, and learn postoperative management.

Ambulatory Experience:
The ambulatory experience provides students with the opportunity to diagnose and manage Urogynecologic conditions in the various outpatient gynecology clinics. The student should be comfortable performing a breast exam and the speculum portion of the pelvic exam.  These should only be performed with the supervising MD present. You may be asked to perform the bimanual exam of the pelvis if your supervising physician finds a palpable abnormality. 

You will have the opportunity to attend various outpatient clinics on this service.  These include the Resident Gyn Continuity Clinic, and WRH Faculty Clinic.

  • Gynecology Continuity Clinic: This clinic is the OB Gyn residents' Continuity Clinic and is located at OBCC 2nd Floor.  Here, students have the opportunity to work with resident and faculty physicians.

  • WRH Faculty Clinic:  located on the 9th floor of the WIF, this is a private practice setting.  You will have the opportunity to evaluate and see patients directly with the attending physician.

Remember to complete “Diagnoses and Procedures” log daily at http://www.e-value.net.