Sim Cases is an interactive choose your own adventure style learning experience. There are seven cases based on key points from each of the first year organ modules of the University of Alabama School of Medicine. This project aims to bring the decision making capacity of hands on medical simulation to the large group setting. Attempt to interject yourself into these scenarios and make decisions regarding medical care as if you were a resident on the team.


Patient simulation using high fidelity simulators has become an increasingly integrated and important part of medical education. However, the cost and availability of such an experience can be prohibitive and is usually limited to small groups. The aim of this project is to develop interactive video case simulations that provide a similar experience to a larger group setting while maintaining educational and decision making benefits.

This project focuses on the first year medical school curriculum. Clinical scenarios for each of the first seven modules (Patient doctor society, Fundamentals I and II, Cardiology, Pulmonary, GI and Renal) were developed with a team of student actors and the use of the simulators and staff at the Children's Hospital Pediatric Simulation Center. These scenarios were then acted out and recorded in a "choose your own adventure format". This allows the class to make decisions using the audience response system or visual majority that will then change the course of the video and will in effect allow the class to care for the patient.

In the future these video case presentations will be edited into websites that can be used universally.

Programming interactivity into video cases provided a unique set of software compatibility problems. The goal of this project is to make these cases as portable as possible. The decision was made to edit the video cases to be accessible online, providing almost universal availability to anyone with internet access.

Cases will be integrated into the first year medical school curriculum at UASOM. They will also be linked to evaluations via SurveyMonkey┬« to evaluate effects on the learning experience.