1. Use the horizontal and vertical menu bars on the site to navigate. 

2. Use the green navigator buttons to advance or go back in the case simulation. (using your   browser button may take you to the incorrect page) 

3. Each simulation begins with a short vignette and patient introduction video. This is where you receive the bulk of the patient's history.

4. For a larger or smaller video click anywhere in your browser window then hold Ctrl + or Ctrl - simultaneously (the native fullscreen button does not work).

5. Decision points or questions are placed intermittently throughout the simulation. Answer the question by clicking on your desired multiple choice. Depending on your answer you will be directed to one of a few diverging videos or the next step in the path. 

6. Some answers are meant for discussion/ independent study. In this case click next. 

7. If you chose the incorrect answer there will be no option to advance. Click Previous to return to the question and try again.

8. The last slide in each scenario is marked with END.

9. If you lose your bearings click Contents to access the table of contents then choose the most appropriate slide. 

10. At the end of each simulation please click the SurveyMonkey link to fill out the survey and for a chance to win a 10$ Starbucks gift card. We want to know what you think! 

11. Each simulation takes approximately 30 minutes.

12. If you experience any problems please contact simcases@gmail.com.