PHTS forms have undergone several changes since data collection started in 1993. The Database Committee is responsible for all form changes. All versions of the forms are available by clicking the links below.

2015 Data Collection Forms

2010 Data Collection Forms

2005 Data Collection Forms

1999 Data Collection Forms

1996 Data Collection Forms

1993 Data Collection Forms

History of Data Collection Forms

Form Year of Form Revision
1993 1996 1999 2005 2010 2015
Screening Log            
Form 1 (Listing)                                                                  
Form 1RL (Relisting)            
Form 1t (Transplant)            
Form 2 (Donor)            
Form 3 (Immunosuppression)            
Form 4 (Coronary Evaluation)            
Form 5 (Rejection)            
Form 6 (Infection)            
Form 7 (Malignancy)            
Form 8 (Post Transplant Follow-up)            
Form 9 (Coronary Revascularization)            
Form 10 (Death)            
Form 11 (Retransplant)            
Form 12 (Pre Transplant Follow-up)            
Form 14 (Dialysis/Renal Transplant)            
Form 15 (MCSD)            
Form 16 (Anti HLA / Antibodies)            
   Indicates that form WAS NOT in use during a particular year.
  Indicates that formWAS in use during a particular year.