Thank you for your interest in the Pediatric Heart Transplant Society (PHTS). We are open to any interested institution who currently conducts heart transplants.

Why join PHTS?
We are a vibrant database with a wealth of patient data that is under constant review and analysis. Another benefit is the opportunity for networking. Within our 50+ hospitals, we have an active network of more than 400 transplant professionals involved in the data collection process and analyses.

If you are interested in joining PHTS, please follow the steps below.

Step 1:
For US hospitals, submit a signed copy of the PHTS Participation Agreement and PHTS Business Associates Agreement to Susanna Lenderman at the DCC.
For hospitals outside of the US, submit a signed copy of the PHTS Data Use Agreement to Susanna Lenderman at the DCC.
Once the DCC receives a copy of both agreements, we will obtain the proper signatures and return a copy of the fully executed agreements.

Step 2:
Submit an IRB application to your local review board. A few useful documents are listed below. Once you receive approval, forward a copy of the approval to Susanna Lenderman at the PHTS DCC. If your IRB requires informed consent and/or HIPAA Authorization, forward a copy of these documents as well with your IRB. If not, send documentation of a waiver.
a. PHTS Bylaws
b. PHTS Current Forms
c. Participating Centers
d. Publications
e. Example Consent Form
f. Example Assent Form

Step 3:
Each center is required to pay an annual membership fee each year for participation in PHTS. Initial payment is due once your center completes one year of data submission. There is no initial fee for enrollment. Fees are only at a hospital level and not at a member level.

Step 4:
Add members of your center to the PHTS mailing list by clicking here.

Step 5:
Susanna will contact you once your center is ready to start submitting forms.

Please contact Susanna Lenderman via email or phone at 205-975-0086 if you have any questions.