Wendy Demark-Wahnefried, PhD




Dr. Demark-Wahnefried, Professor and Webb Chair of Nutrition Sciences and Associate Director of Cancer Prevention and Control of the UAB Comprehensive Cancer Center, is a nutrition scientist who began her academic career in cardiovascular disease (oat bran supplementation and hypercholesterolemia) and changed her research focus to cancer more than two decades ago. While much of her research is focused in the area of cancer survivorship, she also has led or served as co-investigator on several studies aimed at high-risk populations and research that addresses disparities with regard to various carcinomas. Like Dr. Taylor, her work spans social and environmental factors that influence disease, to those which are driven more by biology and genetics (and the interaction amongst all factors). Of particular relevance to this project is her work in exploring the contribution of nutrient intake during pregnancy and its influence on cord blood methylation of IGF2 and subsequent impact on infant growth patterns.