Theresa Wynn-Wallace, PhD



Dr. Theresa Wynn-Wallace is a Program Director II in the UAB Division of Preventive Medicine. Dr. Wynn-Wallace brings a wealth of direct experience to this application having directed two CDC-funded REACH regional centers (REACH 2010 and REACH US) since their inception. Furthermore, she is well versed in applying and tailoring community-based participatory approaches to vulnerable and underserved African American communities, having worked extensively throughout impoverished urban communities, as well as rural counties located in the Alabama Black Belt and Mississippi Delta. Under Dr. Wynn-Wallace’s leadership, hundreds of community volunteers have been trained as community health advisors and several multi-sector, multi-state coalitions have been established and maintained. Moreover, she has trained, supervised and developed continuing educational curriculums for both community health advisors and employees. In addition to overseeing the administrative, programmatic and fiscal operations associated with REACH. She provided research support and technical assistance on 25 additional studies, on six of which she served as the PI. Dr. Wynn-Wallace oversees the development and issuance of requests for proposals and travels extensively to provide technical assistance to subcontractors across the Mid-South.