Dr Mona Fouad introduces
the Mid-South TCC
Ted Talk about the
Social Determinants of Health


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The Causes of the Causes of Health Disparities
The Great Escape: Health, Wealth, and the Origins of Inequality
State of the Union: The Poverty and Inequality Report 2016
The Growth and Spread of Concentrated Poverty
Governance for Health Equity
Taking forward the equity values and goals of Health 2020 in the WHO European Region
Principles of Community Engagement
Health in All Policies: Seizing opportunities, Implementing policies (WHO) 
Closing the Gap: Policy into Practice on Social Determinants of Health (WHO, 2011)
Social Determinants of Health-Health Equity Through Action 
Public Health Reports: Data Systems and Social Determinants of Health
Closing the gap in a generation: Health equity through action on the social determinants of health (WHO)
Health in the Post -2015 Development Agenda (WHO)
Overcoming Obstacles to Health in 2013 and Beyond (RWJF)
The Biological Consequences of Socioeconomic Inequalities
U.S. Health: Shorter Lives Poorer Health
Encyclopedia on Health, Behavior, Illness, and Society
Social Causes of Health and Disease
Medical Sociology on the Move: New Directions in Theory



University College of London (UCL) Institute of Health Equity
World Health Organization – Commission on Social Determinants of Health


The Growth and Spread of Concentrated Poverty 
Social Progress Index 2014


IOM--Educating Health Professionals to Address Social Determinants of Health
Saving Horatio Alger: Equality. Opportunity. And the American Dream
Poverty as a childhood disease
Getting Serious About the Social Determinants of Health (IOM)
The Unexpected Ways a Fetus is Shaped by a Mother's Environment


American Journal of Preventive Medicine -Social Determinants of Health: An Approach to Health Disparities Research
Confronting the Social Determinants of Health - Obesity, Neglect and Inequality (NEJM)
From genomes to societies: a holistic view of determinants of human health
Conceptualizing Social Determinants of Maternal and Infant Health Disparities
Is the Gene-Environment Interaction Paradigm Relevant to Genome-Wide Studies? The Case of Education and Body Mass Index
Obesity - selected articles
Cool Temperature Alters Human Fat and Metabolism (NIH Research Matters)
The Preconception Stress and Resiliency Pathways Model: A Multi-Level Framework on Maternal, Paternal, and Child Health Disparities Derived by Community-Based Participatory Research
Race, Gender, and Chains of DisadvantageChildhood Adversity, Social Relationships, and Health
Magnitude of income-related disparities in adverse perinatal outcomes
Diet-Gene Interactions and PUFA Metabolism: A Potential Contributor to Health Disparities and Human Diseases
The Mediating Roles of Perceived Stress and Health Behaviors in the Relation Between Objective, Subjective, and Neighborhood Socioeconomic Status and Perceived Health
Understanding the Relationship Between Education and Health (IOM Discussion Paper)
Contextualizing racial disparities in preterm delivery: A rhetorical analysis of U.S. epidemiological research at the turn of the 21st century


What makes us get sick? Look Upstream
Chatham-Kent Social Determinants of Health
Is America Dreaming? Understanding Social Mobility
Prospects For Upward Mobility In America
How U.S. is lagging on quality of life 2014
The Great Escape: Health, Wealth, and the Origins of Inequality
The Raising of America: Are We Crazy About Our Kids
2013 Annual Symposium on the Social Determinants of Health - John Hopkins Urban Health Institute 


Unnatural Causes
Human Capital Research Collaborative
The Social Determinants of Health: A Toolkit for Collaboration
Community Toolbox: Social Determinants of Health


2014 UAB Health Disparities Research Symposium - Birmingham, Alabama
2010 UAB Health & Economic Development Summit - Birmingham, Alabama
2013 Annual Symposium on the Social Determinants of Health - John Hopkins Urban Health Institute