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Sejong Bae, PhD
  Dongquan Chen, PhD
  Claudia Leonardi, PhD 
  Nancy Min, PhD 
  Karan Singh, PhD 

Why is communication so important among collaborators?  This short video, posted on Youtube, takes a humorous look at what happens when two researchers speak different research languages.

The Biostatistics and Study Design (BSD) Core addresses the critical statistical and bioinformatics needs of the Mid-South TCC research projects. The BSD Core facilitates close statistical and bioinformatics interactions and collaborations among the institutions to enhance SDH in health disparities research capabilities and competitiveness.

The BSD Core provides scientific and statistical input into the study design, data management, and statistical analyses for the Mid-South TCC collaborative research sub-projects, pilot projects, and other emerging research. Investigators are encouraged to consult with BSD biostatisticians as early as possible in the development of new research projects, when statistical consultation is most beneficial. The Core Co-leaders in each academic institution work with early-stage investigators to provide individually tailored biostatistical and study design training and support to facilitate their research and career development.

Specific Aims:
Provide statistical consultation for sub-, pilot-, and other research projects regarding study design, data management, bioinformatics, and statistical analysis, with emphases on applications of statistical principles in exploring the social factors influencing disparate health outcomes;

Provide biostatistical mentorship to early-stage investigators;

Develop a data sharing plan, safeguard the privacy of participants, and protect confidential data;

Establish regional biostatistical and bioinformatics capabilities to provide resources to scientists interested in conducting research in the thematic area of the TCC.

Core Accomplishments
  • Statistical consultation for projects ranging from mconcept and proposal review, manuscript development and analysis, and study design, sample size, analysis plan for grant proposals.
  • A signature initiative links SDH measures in existing study cohorts (CARDIA, REGARDS, Jackson Heart Study) with State Cancer Registries across the Mid-South.