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Arkansas' Mayors Mentoring Mayors (3M), a project of The Arkansas Coalition for Obesity Prevention (ArCOP's) Growing Healthy Communities, innovates change to combat obesity where it was most likely to take hold - on a grassroots level, in neighborhoods, towns, and cities.

Communities with the most significant changes towards better health are communities where the mayor is involved. Mayors know healthy cities are economically secure cities. Mayors Mentoring Mayors provides a feasibility assessment for mayors to determine how healthy their community is. There are three levels in the 3M city health assessment - Emerging, Blossoming or Thriving. Mayors from Blossoming and Thriving communities become mentor mayors to other mayors in the state to help them move their communities in the direction of a healthier place to live, work, play, and pray. The Mayors Mentoring Mayors team took inspiration for their newly-introduced interactive map of Emerging, Blossoming, and Thriving Communities from fellow Mid-South TCC team member, The Rapides Foundation in Louisiana.

Visit these websites to learn more about Growing Healthy Communities and Mayors Mentoring Mayors which brings together individuals, companies and organizations across sector lines to recognize that a healthy community is a better community on virtually every measure of success.

Arkansas Community Partners

  • Arkansas Coalition for Obesity Prevention
  • Arkansas Municipal League
  • Growing Healthy Communities
  • Hometown Health Coalitions
  • The Arkansas Hunger Relief Alliance