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Plenary Speakers

Dr. Charles Lieber
Dr. Charles Lieber

Chair, Department of Chemistry
Harvard University
Co-Editor in Chief of NanoLetters
Title of talk: "Nanoelectronic tools for brain science"

Paul WeissDr. Paul Weiss
Distinguished Professor of Chemistry and Biochemistry
Distinguished Professor of Materials Science and Engineering
California NanoSystems Institute
Chief Editor of ACS Nano
Title of Talk: Nanoscience Approaches to Heterogeneity in Biological Systems

Invited Speakers

Dr. Yuping Bao
Dr. Yuping Bao
Associate Professor
University of Alabama
Title of talk: Rationally-Designed Magnetic Nanostructres for Bioimaging

Dr. Aaron Catledge
Dr. Aaron Catledge

Assistant Professor, Physics
University of Alabama at Birmingham
Title of talk: "Nanostructured Diamond for use in Biomedical Devices"

Dr. William Gerthoffer
Dr. William Gerthoffer

Professor and Chair, Biochemistry and Molecular Biology
University of South Alabama College of Medicine
Title of talk: "Lipid nanoparticles in RNAi-based therapy of lung diseases"

Robert Haddon
Dr. Robert Haddon

Distinguished Professor, Chemical and Environmental Engineering
Director of the Center of Nanoscale Science and Engineering
University of California, Riverside
Title of talk: "Applications of Carbon Nanotubes in Biology and Medicine"

Valeria Milam
Dr. Valeria Tohver Milam

Associate Professor, Materials Science & Engineering
Georgia Institute of Technology
Title of Talk: "A faster, yet reliable non-SELEX screening approach to identify DNA aptamers for non-nucleotide targets"

Dr. Shreekumar Pillai
Dr. Shreekumar Pillai

Assistant Professor, Biology
Alabama State University
Title of talk: "Nanotechnology based approaches to counter antimicrobial resistance"

Sergey Sheiko
Dr. Sergey Sheiko

Distinguished Professor, Chemistry
University of North Carolina Chapel Hill
Title of talk: "From superflexible molecules to supersoft and superelastic materials"